Welcome to Reading Friends

Reading is more than fundamental, it is the key to academic success.

At Reading Friends, we believe that reading is the foundation upon which all academic success is laid. Our preschool focuses on creating an environment that fosters not only reading skills but also a love for learning.

Turning a bad prediction into academic success

In the fourth grade, Nancy Thompson Spencer (founder of Reading Friends) was told she would never make it to college. Nancy proved this prediction wrong by earning an undergraduate degree in education along with an endorsement in special education from Texas Christian University. She continued her post-graduate work at East Texas State University and Dean Memorial Learning Center at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital where she became a Certified Language Therapist.

During the first five years of Reading Friends’ existence, the clinic experienced persistent community demand and steady growth that produced the need for a bigger and better space. To accommodate this demand, Reading Friends exited its location at the back of the bookstore and found its own store front in West Fort Worth.

An established reputation of helping children to learn

After more than 35 years of business, Reading Friends continues to operate on the strong belief that all children deserve a nurturing, structured, academic environment, which provides a foundation for learning. Nancy, as the sole owner, transformed her reading clinic into an innovative, academic preschool for all children.

Persistent demand for a Reading Friends education supports the Reading Friends Corporate belief that parents:

  • Want the best academic foundation for their preschool child
  • Can identify a system that fosters academic excellence
  • Are willing to spread the word and advertise what they believe works

In short, Nancy personally understands and represents the limitless possibilities of every child.

Reading Friends Difference

Reading Friends has the right curriculum, the right commitment, and is the right place. Let us focus on your child.

Reading Friends preschool is dedicated to providing the young child a foundation for educational excellence.

The secret to a well-rounded child is a well-rounded approach to teaching


We employ Multi-sensory teaching techniques involving the total child.

Our Phonics Advantage curriculum is a language-based program that is the heart of our proprietary curricula.

Children receive structured academic experiences that produce a firm foundation in reading, math, social studies, and science.


Reading Friends program is designed to provide successful opportunities for all students. Children have daily outside free play and snack where they experiment with social interaction and cooperation.


Reading Friends academics and class activities start at 9:00 am and end at noon.


Reading Friends teachers must have a four-year degree from an accredited university and complete the initial and advanced Reading Friends Curriculum Certification.

Student Ratio

Reading Friends serves a finite number of children and strives to maintain the nurturing intimacy that creates a solid foundation of self-confidence in the classroom. Our typical student ratio for 3-5 year old students is 12:1, and the ratio for 2-year-old students is 6:1.

Our Commitment

Ours is a culture and an educational climate in which increased emphasis is placed on preschool development. Supported by current research, parents and schools expect more of children. Reading is no longer a learned skill that should wait until first grade. Preschool educators begin instilling in the young child his/her perception of success.

An academic preschool world introduces the young child to the excitement and joy of learning and can open the doors to all human knowledge. We believe every child has gifts and talents just waiting to be discovered. At Reading Friends, we’re offering your child a head start in the development of their natural abilities.

Specifically, the Reading Friends Program focuses on:


Our language program is based on the Alphabet Phonics Curriculum, which originates from the famous Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching phonetics and language structure.

Perceptual Motor Training

Perceptual Motor Training help students gain coordination and learn good sportsmanship. Refining gross motor skills encourages progress in fine motor skills such as handwriting and cutting.


Multimedia art projects help students learn about holidays and the world around us.


Young children learn auditory memory skills and basic memorization through creative music.

Math Concepts

Math exploration is fundamental to a child’s educational success. Therefore, numeral recognition and usage is a cornerstone of our program.

Social Studies

Social Studies incorporates the exploration of world cultures, our history and a deeper understanding of the concepts introduced in other classes.


Q. Do you have afternoon activities?

A. Reading Friends offers extended day opportunities. Reading Friends is not a day care facility and does not offer full day care.

Q. When will my child be reading?

A. We do not make specific guarantees about when your child may read; however, we are dedicated to teaching each child a strong reading foundation. Reading Friends focuses on teaching and understanding of the alphabet. Children develop a phonetic foundation by learning letters and their sounds, as well as their position in a word. The highly structured Reading Friends Phonics Advantage Program concentrates on helping children feel the positive effects of success. For children, learning becomes a successful first experience.

Q. If my child turns two after the first day of school, can he/she start with the rest of the class?

A. A child must be developmentally ready to learn; therefore, the child must be two, three, four and/or five years of age prior to the first day of school.

Q. Can my child come more days?

A. Reading Friends prides itself on providing an academic, preparatory, preschool program that simultaneously supports children in developing an appreciation for learning. After many years of providing excellence in education, it is our conclusion that children seem to learn better in small increments within a nurturing, loving, environment. A child does not necessarily need extra days to learn for the Reading Friends system to work. Your child will be provided the proper tools to meet his/her potential and become a successful learner according to his/her individual level.

Q. Will my child get into the school of his/her choice?

A. Kindergarten placement is about more than a specific school. Reading Friends staff will provide a teacher recommendation for the kindergarten application, and help counsel parents to find the school that best fits their child’s learning and socialization style.

Q. What is the child/staff ratio?

A. 2 year olds No more than 6:1 3 year olds No more than 12:1 Pre-Kindergarten No more than 12:1

Q. Are the teachers degreed?

A. Reading Friends staff employs bachelor degreed individuals who understand the preschool child, value education, and demonstrate an ability to provide a child a teaching experience that allows him/her to believe they are an effective learner. Reading Friends Corporate provides extensive and specific training for all degreed staff members and requires teaching staff to pass the Reading Friends certification process.

Q. Do the children get to play?

A. Reading Friends believes play is essential. Our philosophy is to provide daily outdoor and indoor free play; therefore, Reading Friends has designated outside play as an official class period. A degreed and certified adult provides daily outdoor playtime where children are allowed to experience social networks and practice cooperation.