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Our Commitment

Ours is a culture and an educational climate in which increased emphasis is placed on preschool development. Supported by current research, parents and schools expect more of children. Reading is no longer a learned skill that should wait until first grade. Preschool educators begin instilling in the young child his/her perception of success.

An academic preschool world introduces the young child to the excitement and joy of learning and can open the doors to all human knowledge. We believe every child has gifts and talents just waiting to be discovered. At Reading Friends, we’re offering your child a head start in the development of their natural abilities.

Specifically, the Reading Friends Program focuses on:


Our language program is based on the Alphabet Phonics Curriculum, which originates from the famous Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching phonetics and language structure.

Perceptual Motor Training

Perceptual Motor Training help students gain coordination and learn good sportsmanship. Refining gross motor skills encourages progress in fine motor skills such as handwriting and cutting.


Multimedia art projects help students learn about holidays and the world around us.


Young children learn auditory memory skills and basic memorization through creative music.

Math Concepts

Math exploration is fundamental to a child’s educational success. Therefore, numeral recognition and usage is a cornerstone of our program.

Social Studies

Social Studies incorporates the exploration of world cultures, our history and a deeper understanding of the concepts introduced in other classes.


Scientific exploration contributes to an appreciation of the world in which we live.

Indoor and Outdoor Play

Indoor and Outdoor Play allows for natural social development as well as independent play in a supervised environment.

Life Skills

Our entire curriculum is focused on developing and encouraging the whole child so that they become successful in all areas of life. We guide the children to accept responsibility for their actions, take pride in their work and explore new activities.

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