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Q. When will my child be reading?

A. We do not make specific guarantees about when your child may read. Reading Friends focuses on teaching an understanding of the alphabet, as well as helping children learn to organize their thoughts before communicating. Children develop a phonetic foundation by learning letters and their relationship to other letters, as well as their position in a word. The highly structured Reading Friends Phonics Advantage Program concentrates on helping children feel the positive effects of success. For children, learning becomes a successful first experience.

Q. If my child turns two after the first day of school, can he/she start with the rest of the class?

A. A child must be developmentally ready to learn; therefore, the child must be two, three, four and/or five years of age prior to the first day of school.

Q. Can my child come more days?

A. Reading Friends prides itself on providing an academic, preparatory, preschool program that simultaneously supports children in developing an appreciation for learning. After twenty years of providing excellence in education, it is our conclusion that children seem to learn better in small increments within a nurturing, loving, environment. A child does not necessarily need extra days to learn for the Reading Friends system to work. Your child will be provided the proper tools to meet his/her potential and become a successful learner according to his/her individual level.

Q. Will my child get into the school of his/her choice?

A. Kindergarten placement is about more than a specific school. The school may be the parent’s school of choice but not the right academic environment for the child. Reading Friends does not have the ability to determine kindergarten placement. The receiving institution makes the decisions about acceptance. Reading Friends staff will provide a teacher recommendation for the kindergarten application.

Q. What is the child/staff ratio?

A. 2 year olds No more than 6:1 3 year olds No more than 12:1 Pre-Kindergarten No more than 12:1

Q. Are the teachers degreed?

A. The Reading Friends staff employs bachelor degreed individuals who understand the preschool child, value education, and demonstrate an ability to provide a child a teaching experience that allows him/her to believe they are an effective learner. Reading Friends Corporate provides extensive and specific training for all degreed staff members and requires teaching staff to pass the Reading Friends certification process.

Q. Can my child be in class with his/her friend?

A. Children are grouped into classes for a multitude of educational reasons. Reading Friends cannot promise a child will be in class with a specific child. It is the belief of Reading Friends that children benefit from exposure to a variety of learning styles, teaching styles, and peers.

Q. Do you have afternoon activities?

A. Reading Friends offers extended day opportunities for children in the primary and kindergarten classes. Reading Friends is not a day care facility and does not offer full day care.

Q. Do the children get to play?

A. Reading Friends believes play is essential. Our philosophy is to provide daily outdoor and indoor free play; therefore, Reading Friends has designated outside play as an official teaching position. A degreed and certified adult provides daily outdoor playtime where children are allowed to experience social networks and practice cooperation.

Q. May I bring my child before school starts to meet my work schedule?

A. Reading Friends operates within an academic school environment. Prior to the first class, teachers are preparing their classroom, readying materials, and reviewing lessons. Teachers are not able to monitor your child. Parents are requested to make arrangements for their child to be brought and picked up during Reading Friends hours of operation.

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