Success Gallery

At Reading Friends, we never cease to be amazed by the wonderful creativity and talents exhibited by each of our students. Our true objective is to not only applaud the children for their progress in the realm of academics, but to recognize the many other special traits that make up each little package.

Over the course of our existence, we have considered it an honor to receive such high marks from parents and students alike.

Ultimately, as Reading Friends continues to grow, we know that many communities will come to know and love the Reading Friends’ story as well.

Parents’ Applause

Quite often at Reading Friends, we receive notes of appreciation and verbal compliments from parents who are excited to have children in our program. Below are several excerpts we thought we would share with you.

Dear Reading Friends,

“…I am constantly impressed with the things my 4 year old comes home and tells me, like explaining what one fifth is and writing 1+5=6 on a piece of paper and showing it to me, or my personal favorite…Explaining a homonym at dinner one night! Kudos to all of you! I couldn’t begin to thank each of you enough for being so inspiring and sharing all your talents.”
Fort Worth

“…I am writing this with tears in my eyes because my 4 year old just read the first 4 books of the Bob Books series to me with help only for the word “the”. This is such a testament to the amazing work that you guys offer to our children! Thank you and please thank all of the teachers at Reading Friends! What an amazing honor it is to watch my children learn and grow and become. How exciting! I am so incredibly thankful to have found such an exceptional school.”
Fort Worth

“…Thank you for having the drive, determination, vision and love to open Reading Friends! We would be a stressed out mess if it weren’t for the safe, wonderful school! I thank God every day that we have found such an exemplary school with an exceptional staff and Director!”

“…I can’t tell you how much Sam enjoys school, which surprised me. He talks about the other Sam and is always singing the clean up song and pumpkin song. His confidence level without mom and dad there has made us very proud of him. Thank you so much for making it a comfortable and nurturing experience for him.”

“…I feel so strongly that Reading Friends is the best Pre-K in Aledo. I can’t imagine any parent enrolling their child somewhere else! The academic level it raised my daughter to was just what we were looking for. Now my daughter looks forward to school everyday, can’t wait to start kindergarten, and will be starting off with all the tools she will need. Thank you for opening up out here!”

“…My daughter has gained such a wonderful foundation for starting her elementary education. She loves going to school! I have seen tremendous growth in her academic skills and I am confident that she will be ready for Kindergarten.”

“…My daughter adores Reading Friends! She dazzled our friends and family with all that she was learning from the days of the week to more complex ideas learned in social studies. I credit Reading Friends with instilling the joy of learning that has continued to this day. Reading Friends has been a true blessing to our family!”